Blood Storage Refrigerator

Blood Storage Refrigerator

We are a prominent Blood Storage Refrigerator Manufacturer in India. Our Blood Storage Refrigerator is made of high quality materials and remains in use for years without any problem. Our Blood Storage Refrigerators are highly safe for storage of human blood at a fix temperature. These Blood Storage Refrigerators are available in different storage capacities to meet the diverse demands.

Bags Capacity

  • 50 to 450 Blood Bags

Main Features

  • For safe and reliable storage of human blood at 4 deg. c optimum range of blood bank
  • Refrigerator design for small and large blood bank

Technical Data

  • Temperature : Digital, Microprocessor based controller
  • Optional : microprocessor based 7 days temp, circular hat recorder
  • Display : Digital LCD display
  • Safety Features : High 8 C, Low 2 C, Audio Visual alarm
  • Inside Material : Inner chamber and removable roll-out type trays made of high grade stainless steel (304 AISI grade)
  • Circulation : circulation fans & evaporator provided at the top of inner chamber
  • Outside Material : CRC seven tank process powder coated
  • Door Design : Opaque insulated main door with poly acrylic sub-doors
  • Insulation : High density 50mm thick polyrutune
  • Refrigeration System : Sealed type compressor with eco friendly, refrigerant(R -134 a - R 404 a)
  • Illumination : 9 Watts CFL tube (Phillips)
  • Electrical Supply : 180V to 230V AC, 50 Hz

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