Plasma Thawing Bath

The RED LAB Micro controller based Plasma Thawing Bath is a tabletop model, for quick thawing of plasma at 37° C. Temperature in our Plasma Thawing Bath is controlled by micro controller based temperature controller. The RED LAB Plasma Thawing Bath is designed to safely and reliably thaw fresh frozen plasma (FFP) for the recovery of cryoprecipitate anti-hemophilic factor (AHF). Our Plasma Thawing Bath has specially designed trays to ensure safety of Plasma Bags.

Cabinet Construction and Refrigeration System

  • High density CFC Free Poly Urethane Foam insulated cabinet with corrosion resistant stainless steel interior and white powder coated exterior finish.
  • Cooling is effected by a hermetically sealed compressor of high quality Complete unit in stainless steel (inside and outside) is also manufactured by RED LAB rating Voltage 230 V AC


  • Catalogue Number : REPTB015
  • Capacity : 06 Bags
  • Volume : 27 Liters
  • Temperature : 37 °Centigrade
  • Accuracy : + 1° Centigrade
  • Thawing mechanism : Rocking and Water Circulations
  • Operating Voltage : 230 V AC

Special Features

  • Audio-visual alarm if temperature deviates from preset temperature
  • Display of Set value & Process value
  • Smooth SS Buckets for accommodating Plasma Bags
  • Integrated pump for internal circulation maintains precise temperature uniformity throughout the liquid medium
  • Rounded corners for better water circulation and uniformity
  • Formed in place PUF insulation improves temperature stability and energy efficiency, calibration & Validation


Temperature 36°C To 100°C,+ 37°C (accuracy ± 1°C)
Stability ±0.2°C
Volume 8 Ltrs
Inner Size 470x290x260mm
Capacity 40Ltr
Features Audio-visual alarm if temperature deviates from preset temperature.

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